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Why Hire A
Lemon Law Attorney

posted 04/26/2014  |   Florida Lemon Law 

Why Hire A Lemon Law Attorney?

     If you've bought an automobile that you think may be a lemon, then you should know that you have a legal battle ahead. One that can be fought on your own, however, the truth is, without proper representation by an experienced lemon law attorney, you're likely to get a smaller recovery than someone who chose to seek the help of a lawyer.

     The reason for this is a simple and obvious one: an attorney who specializes in a particular area, such as Lemon Law, handles these kinds of cases every day and you do not. Actually, very few lawyers will ever deal with even a single lemon law claim, let alone enough to be considered experienced in practicing it. Only with experience can you know what to realistically expect, what the process fully entails and how to swiftly deal with any obstacles that may be encountered during the process.

     Whether dealing with a car manufacturer or a dealership, or any of their various lawyers (whose sole purpose is to make sure you are denied the money or replacement vehicle you are owed), you need to have more than a passing knowledge of the law on your side. You need an experienced lawyer and a reputable law firm that specializes in all sorts of consumer's rights and lemon law situations. If you're in the Tampa area, or elsewhere in Florida, we are the firm for you.

    Contact the Law Office of Patrick J. Cremeens today, for more information on Florida's Lemon Laws, consumer rights and for more information (should you need it) on how to determine if your vehicle is a lemon.

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