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How Florida's Lemon Laws
Apply To Recreational Vehicles

September 20, 2012  |   Florida Lemon Law  

As you might have read in a previous post, The Lemon Law in Florida only applies to vehicles bought or leased in the State of Florida. If you recently purchased an RV, or are looking to do so in the future, you can rest easy knowing that RVs share many of the same protections under the Lemon Law that automobiles currently enjoy! What this basically means is that if you have repeatedly taken your RV in to be repaired, over and over, and it doesn't seem to get fixed... then the Lemon Law says you should get either your money back or a NEW RV.

Many dealerships and sales people will tell you that "small" problems are not uncommon, and it's "no big deal" to fix them. A recreational vehicle is one of the largest (if not THE largest) vehicle purchase many of us will ever make. One or two small problems might be indicative of a larger problem and you might just have a "Lemon"!

So, be sure if you purchase an RV in the State of Florida (or anywhere, for that matter) that you keep good records, save receipts, write down the names of people you talk to and when you talk to them... simple things that can help if the day comes where you need to contact us, the Law Office of Patrick J. Cremeens P.L. , to spearhead your legal battle for what you rightfully paid for!

If you are unsure about whether or not your defective vehicle is covered by the Lemon Law we are here to help. We can answer your specific questions or provide you with more detailed information about how the law applies to your particular situation, all you need to do is call or stop by today!

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