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Florida Lemon Laws
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If you think you might have a lemon and need a lemon law attorney, the last thing you should have to worry about is how you are going to pay to exercise your rights. That's why The Law Office of Patrick J. Cremeens offers free document review & Case Evaluation with one of our lemon law attorneys. Call us today to schedule!

We may be able to offer to represent you under the Federal Lemon Law, and if we do you will not be charged for any of the law firm’s attorneys’ fees incurred in prosecuting your case. We recover payment for those attorneys’ fees directly from the offending dealer or manufacturer under the Federal Lemon Law, and we do so only if we reach a settlement that is acceptable to you, the consumer, or if we win your case following a successful trial or arbitration.

     Whether dealing with a car manufacturer or a dealership, or any of their various lawyers (whose sole purpose is to make sure you are denied the money or replacement vehicle you are owed), you need a reputable law firm and experienced lemon law lawyers that are dedicated to defending consumer's rights and specifically lemon law violations. If you're in the greater Tampa Bay area, or anywhere else in Florida, we are the firm for you!

    Contact the Law Office of Patrick J. Cremeens today, for more information on Florida's Lemon Laws, consumer rights and for more information (should you need it) on how to determine if your vehicle is a lemon.

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